September Favorites

Night by the Fire Candle by Williams Sonoma

To start off, I have to mention this candle. I hadn’t truly discovered the magic of Williams Sonoma until I wandered in the other day, and now I am convinced that I need one of everything from that store. While I was looking around, this candle caught my attention. The scent is “Night by the Fire” and it basically smells like everything good about this time of year. They’re on sale right now for $16.99 and I seriously regret not grabbing more than one of them!



P8nt Fall Launch by P8nt Cosmetics

I discovered the cutest up and coming brand via my instagram explore page this month, and I am obsessing over them. P8nt Cosmetics is a new company that is working to release vegan, cruelty free, and harsh chemical free products. So far, they have released two nail polish collections, as well as a collection of liquid matte lips. They just launched their fall nail line and I’m drooling over the colors. Personally, I’m itching to try “California Dreaming” (middle of the top row) and “My Finest Hour” (far right, bottom row). Check them out at and use discount code MADISON10 to get 10% off of your purchase.



Whole Foods Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Isn’t the bulk section at Whole Foods just the best? I could live there. I recently picked up these raw pumpkin seeds while on my usual bulk food run, and I fell in love. Not only are these perfect to munch on for Fall, they are packed with protein and make an amazing addition to trail mix, oatmeal, cereal, and salads. Lately, I’ve even been eating them on their own as a snack. Considering how much protein they have, they are relatively low in calories, making them a new staple in my diet.




Halo Top Candy Bar Dairy Free Ice Cream

With Halloween right around the corner, my candy cravings are even more non stop than usual. It’s not even October yet and I’ve already been having to resist the urge to keep candy around our apartment (I have zero self control in the presence of sweets). I love my halo top year round, but I’m especially loving their dairy free and 360 calorie candy bar pint for this time of year. The chocolate with little “candy” pieces and peanuts is not only absolutely incredible, it also curbs my never ending cravings for sugar and calorie filled chocolate bars.



Miracos 6 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

So this technically could be considered makeup…but its more of a tool than a product so I figured I could include them in this post. This month, I got to try out this brush set from Maracos Makeup. If the super glam rose gold brush handles weren’t enough these are SO soft and so great to use. I’ve specifically loved using all of the eye brushes. I don’t know if I’m the only one, but it seems like I never have enough brushes when I’m wearing an eye look with multiple shadows going on. This set is great if you’re looking for a good sized set that is reliable, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing 🙂 Take a better look at them here:




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