4 Reasons You Need a Jade Roller

Not too long ago, I mentioned on an Instagram story that I had received a jade roller in the mail. At the time, I genuinely knew nothing about the benefits of jade rolling, or how women used it in their daily routines. Even though I had to do a little research as I continued to use it, I was really excited to go into a product review completely unbiased.

Initially, I wanted to learn a little bit about jade rolling before I dove into it full swing. After sorting through several testimonials and articles, I narrowed down the benefits of jade rolling into three general categories:

1. It brings out the best in your facial features

Jade rolling helps reduce inflammation in the face by encouraging lymphatic drainage. This process, over time, helps the face to appear thinner, which makes way for your bone structure to look it’s best. We all know that I’m down with the contouring makeup, but I’d take a natural contour over an extra step in my makeup routine any day.

2. It makes you glow

Regular jade rolling encourages circulation, meaning that cell turnover and the removal of toxins in the skin is more encouraged than ever. Over time, this means that your complexion will be extra youthful, bright, and glory. This also has the potential to prevent and even treat fine lines (I can’t be the only one in my early 20’s starting to notice these, right?)

3. It helps your skin absorb moisturizers and serums

Using your jade roller with your favorite moisturizer or serum not only helps the tool glide over the face more easily, it also encourages product to absorb deeper into the skin. Jade rolling in your morning and evening skincare can help you reap every benefit that your products have to offer by helping them penetrate deeper than ever.

4. It feels incredible

I had no idea how great jade rolling felt until the first time that I massaged my facial muscles with it. Some people even store theirs in the refrigerator to keep it extra cool for maximum relaxation. Up until I started doing this consistently, I had no idea how many of my facial muscles were in need of massaging. There are a whopping 43 muscles in the face, and, just like the rest of the muscles in the body, they need to be taken care of!

A couple of things that I’d like to mention before I give my opinion:

1. While jade rolling is certainly having a moment in 2018, it isn’t necessarily a trend. Jade rolling dates back all the way to 17th century China, where it was used by wealthy women for anti-aging. Jade itself is said to represent wisdom, healing, protection, and balance.

2. Make sure that you are jade rolling on clean skin. While you can definitely use the roller alongside your favorite skin care products, you shouldn’t be using it over and over again on a dirty face – unless you want a breakout. 😉

3. When rolling, a great rule of thumb is to start at the center of the face and head to the hairline. For example, if you start at the nose, you’d roll across the face towards the hairline, then repeat to the other side. I work my way up like this, starting at the chin, and ending at the forehead. For the center of the forehead, I typically do a couple of passes going down followed by a couple going up. Use the large side for bigger areas, and the smaller side for smaller areas such as the lips or under the eyes.

The Verdict:

I’ve been using my jade roller for about a week now and I’m in LOVE. I haven’t had time to see any of the benefits that come from long, long term use, but I have definitely noticed this little gadget working to decrease puffiness in my face. As I sit here writing this I can already feel my face muscles begging for their nightly massage.

If you want to pick up the roller that I’ve been using, you can find it here for just 12 bucks:


Overall, I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to give this a try. It’s become a new step in my skincare that has been making all of the difference in the world. If you have any questions about how I roll, what serums and moisturizers I’m using, or how this product works, feel free to reach out!

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